Our brand is boastful of manufacturing a limited number of luxury decor accessories each year. This speaks volumes to the unique minded clients that seek out scarcity and exclusivity within the products they obtain. All of our products are designed and made to order, right inside our very own micro-factory, giving us total control of our process. We use the least amount of mechanization possible to maintain an extraordinary level of high quality. We only use high end materials obtained from as many domestic partners and distributors as possible. We will always preserve our high level of quality. Currently our products can only be purchased through our online store, or via our appointment only showroom. When you're ready for something unique, you know where to find us. Come experience true luxury.   

Any Color. Any Time. Any Occasion.

Since when should you be limited to certain colors based on a season? We believe you should display any color your heart desires, anytime of the year. We have access to over 500 different shades of high quality Italian leather, and we have over 300 of those shades available for you to see and feel in our showroom. We don't believe in "what you see is what's available," we want you to have the color you love. Whether it's an anniversary you're celebrating, or that red carpet event, we're here for you. 

Designed & Manufactured In Atlanta.

Metro Atlanta is where we live. We love this city! Having the ability to make things right here in Atlanta is something we are very proud of. We make what we design, so that we can give you the ultimate personal experience.


When you need something different, we're here to listen. We love to put our heart and soul into making your luxury products everything you expect them to be and more.

NOLRAM BAK | High End Luxury Lighting & Decor

Veteran Owned & Operated