At NOLRAM BAK we use only the finest Italian leathers to manufacture our luxury products. We have over 300+ leather swatches in our showroom. Enjoy.


DiModa Gatora is Italian patent leather with a high gloss alligator embossed pattern and water resistant surface. 

dgcrema.jpg dgviola.jpg dgmela.jpg dgmetallo.jpg dgazurra.jpg dgscarlotto.jpg dggraphite.jpg dgnero.jpg dgblu.jpg dgsenape.jpg dgmokka.jpg dgflint.jpg dgoro.jpg



Pearlessence is full grain Italian leather with a smooth grain and beautiful pearl finish, and a refined shimmer.

pelipstick.jpg pebronze.jpg pesilver.jpg pecopper.jpg peazurite.jpg peicicle.jpg pegold.jpg pecarbon.jpg pepassion.jpg pefrost.jpg pespearmint.jpg peiridium.jpg pepistachio.jpg petropic.jpg



Torino has a rich hand and a welcoming texture with a durable, anti-bacterial and waterproof finish with a uniform pebble grain on this full-bodied Italian leather. 

tbark.jpg tbirch.jpg tblizzard.jpg tcaviar.jpg tclaret.jpg tdandelion.jpg teggshell.jpg tfir.jpg tjava.jpg tlager.jpg tlemongrass.jpg tregatta.jpg trust.jpg tsalsa.jpg ttarragon.jpg tterrier.jpg ttierra.jpg



Chatham is full grain Italian leather known for quality. A natural grain with an anti-bacterial, durable yet breathable matte finish provides excellent resistance to wear.

chbahamablue.jpg chcacao.jpg chcayenne.jpg chchartreuse.jpg chhazelnut.jpg chpagoda.jpg chroseplum.jpg chrosewood.jpg chruby.jpg chstrawberry.jpg 



DiModa Cobra is Italian patent leather with a glamorous reptile embossed pattern and high gloss appearance.

dcbronzo.jpg dcgrigio.jpg dcmarina.jpg dcmokka.jpg dcnero.jpg dcoceano.jpg dcrosa.jpg dcscarlotto.jpg dctaupe.jpg dcverdi.jpg dcvino.jpg dcvulcana.jpg 



Berkshire is Italian, semi-aniline leather with a beautiful subtle enhanced grain.

bsalloy.jpg bsblackplum.jpg bsglacier.jpg bsgrape.jpg bslagoon.jpg bslimon.jpg bspeach.jpg bsputty.jpg bssmokeymauve.jpg bssteelblue.jpg bssunburst.jpg bsviolet.jpg



Caiman is an exotic reptile pattern that is embossed on our Distressed and Vintage Italian leather.

cmbrass.jpg cmbuckskin.jpg cmchianti.jpg cmchocolate.jpg cmgalaxy.jpg cmmoccasin.jpg cmoak.jpg cmprussianblue.jpg cmverde.jpg cmmoss.jpg



Distressed Italian is a full grain leather with unique variations and natural markings


Looking for one of the 500+ colors not displayed? Contact us for assistance.